Thursday, October 8, 2009

kasey posinoski

Well, at least I was Dad's favorite.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

This reminded me of something...

When Kady & Kasey were little - 3- to 5-ish, Mom decided to buy a wading pool. It was really cool. It was green and had a little built-in slide and either had a big turtle or frog design. It wasn't just a plain wading pool, but was molded and really neat. Anyway, when you buy your kids a pool, drive a stationwagon and have 6 children, including some tweens and teens, how would YOU get your pool home from K-Mart all the way to the South Falls Apartments??

Well, Mom put the pool upside down on the top of the station wagon and had Keri and I (and maybe Kelly?) stand in the back of the stationwagon (our feet inside the car) with our upper bodies outside through the back window and hold the pool in place on the roof.

I will never forget driving down main street International Falls, holding the pool for dear life and screaming at mom to slow down, because the force of the air on the front of the car was blowing the pool up and threatening to blow it along with us (since we would never have let go!) off and out of the car and onto the street. It did get home, and there are many pics of us all enjoying it in our backyard.