Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Keri's productive Day

Guess what I did today?
I went downstairs and pulled off all the styrofoam and studs from the wall you and Marc took the window out of. I finished gutting the family room, and vacuumed and cleared the whole area.

I had loaded Marc's truck to the brim the other day with const debris, so I wanted to take it to the dump. I went to start the truck and it wouldn't start, so I put the battery charger on it, and left it to charge, while I raked and picked most of the rocks out of the landscape area, around the new corner window.

Then I tried to start the truck again, no way no how, a little bit of frustration..... So I kept the charger on the battery, and vacuumed chipmunk turds out of Marc's shed.

Then I started up the pressure washer and washed the rug that Turk peed on and some other mats, when halfway done the pressure washer ran out of gas, a little frustration, I went to find the gas can and it was empty. Then I tried to start the truck again. No go. A little frustration, so found some jumper cables in the haystack in the back of Marc's truck cab and pulled my car up to his truck and jumped it. Woo Hoo! I had ignition.

So off to the dump, got there at 4:50 pm. It closes at 5pm, I am sure the dump guy was real happy with me. Me and the neighbor kids unloaded the huge pile, and got done at 5:10. The guy was sitting in his vehicle with it running waiting for us to leave so he could lock the gate.

I raced to the Creekside organic material site, to get some cedar mulch, for landscaping, before 5:30, only to find they don't sell mulch anymore. I called a landscape place- they were closed.

Then I came home and filled the truck again, over the brim with construction materials including all that big concrete block stacked in the back yard and a toilet and got it ready to go to the dump tomorrow. I hope it starts!!!!!!

In between all that I did 5 loads of laundry, and took care of indoor and outdoor dogs. But I did not do the dishes.

The window area is almost ready, I just have to dig out some deep tree weeds, and claw it up, put down some fabric and bark mulch. You got me going Kady.

I forgot to mention that I was up all night birthing 3 little Yorkie pups.

I am WOMAN Hear Me Roar In Numbers To Big To Ignore!!!

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