Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mom's bra story

I also got professionally fitted for a bra that actually fits at Victoria's Secret. (They wouldn't let me try on the wings) Do you know that I went from a 28AAA to a 38C? (kind of)

I walked out of there wearing my new bra and from that time since, my straps have not fallen down even once. I am so used to going thru life with both straps around my upper arms. It is very hard to raise one's arms when that happens. And the other phenomena that occurs when one's bra does not fit properly is that the bottom rides up and half the breast is UNDER the bra, not IN it. This will also no longer happen to me and so you see I will now be much happier. I wonder if it will show in my face, my demeanor, my stature, my all-around aura? Be sure and let me know. will you?

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